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How I Play 18xx Games Online – Oct 2018 Edition

18xx games are quite suitable for asynchronous online play. First, computer aided play relieves you from the need to track money and shares and care about rules enforcement. Second, you have more time to think about your moves, maybe even play out some scenarios on a spreadsheet at a critical moment of the game. Third, [...]

TIL That Layered Coffee Drinks Make Themselves

I used to think that making a layered coffee drink takes as much care as pouring a layered cocktail. Got a glass mug the other day and discovered that the process is pretty simple.

Opening My First Ever Donations Season

"Start donating to the authors of free and open source programs that I am using" was one of my failed New Year resolutions on multiple occasions. It is not anymore, and I hope this post will inspire you to follow suit.


Cat in the Cloud: Apache Tomcat in Amazon EC2. Part I, Part II, Part III.

Protect Your Java Code - Through Obfuscators And Beyond.

Convert Java to EXE - Why, When, When Not and How.

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